Minty Molly

The creative process of sketching, swatching, arithmetics and testing (sometimes also tossing everything you’ve done so far and going back to the drawing board) to the point where you can finally take pictures of the finished object can be quite longsome (especially when you’re working on more than one project at a time).

But the more work you’ve put into a design, the more exciting it is to finally publish it!

Minty Molly is an aran weight hat that is knit in the round, using a simple ribbing and an easy to memorize braid pattern. The large foldable brim makes it convertible in terms of style: from toque to slouch in just a second!

(For more information or a free copy, visit the pattern page…)


Golden Hours

The leaves are starting to change and the days are growing shorter. And besides all the wistfulness I sense a very special kind of excitement, of gentle anticipation: knitting season!

Of course I haven’t put my needles down during the summer months, but knitting hats in thick alpaca blends is definitely more fun when it’s cold outside! Turning on the heating this morning finally left no doubt that summer is over. That’s why I decided that tonight I’m going to settle back on my sofa with a cup of tea and cast on something warm and cozy for myself (a pair of socks or maybe another cowl?).

Whatever your next project will be, enjoy the golden hours of knitting!